Basmati Rice

Basmati rice, with its sweet-smelling and tasty taste, has been a favorite of Indians since
pre-colonial times. Get in platinum, silver and gold variants.

Platinum Basmati Rice

Asbah platinum basmati is the finest grains assures a sweet taste and rich aroma as each one grain is naturally aged.

Gold Basmati Rice

Asbah Gold offers you a great taste of sweet-smelling and delicious basmati rice with the added goodness of healthy fiber.

Silver Basmati Rice

Asbah silver basmati promises the authentic taste and grace your dining table every

Basmati Rice Brand - Ultimate Quality

The timeless Basmati rice recipe goes with almost everything and you should choose it over ordinary rice.

Unsurprisingly long grains for exceptional taste! Out of order grains that release starch and make the rice heavy are separated to guarantee a light, fluffy quality – Authentic Basmati Rice is simply full of natural decency and blended with a normal cooking steps, it will always be great pure grains.

Basmati is the queen of every sorts of rice - authentic, look amazing when cook and simple to digest. Its heavenly aroma along with its ultimate quality and cleanliness makes it a delighted food across the world.

Asbah Exporter of Indian Basmati Rice

We exporter of Indian Basmati Rice, keep a variety of products in the highly roomy storage unit. This assists us in maintaining the freshness of the products and sorted till the last send out. We make obtainable, Basmati Rice, which is greatly identified for its nutty taste and sweet-smelling. The highest quality of products we offer is produced using only outstanding quality inputs. As a best Basmati Rice brand, we assure that the material used is of high standard.

We Known as High Quality 1121 Basmati Rice Exporter

Being an 1121 basmati rice exporter in India, the company offers a high-quality Indian origin basmati and non-basmati rice with elements of purity, healthy, flavor and aroma. Our product is highly respected in the Indian market for its great nutritional values.