Platinum Basmati Rice

Asbah platinum basmati is the finest grains assures a sweet taste and rich
aroma as each one grain is naturally aged.

Best aromatic basmati rice brand

Asbah - Best Aromatic Basmati Rice Brand

Your stomach deserves the best; Asbah as the best aromatic basmati rice brand offers platinum basmati rice which is scented, delectably fluffy and blends beautifully with a huge number of dishes – warm, sweet, spiced and salty.

Platinum Basmati Rice is a blend of smooth texture and aromatic flavor, which makes the rice absolutely tasty when cooked. This best aromatic basmati rice brand is imported from the airy and snow-filled vales of the Himalayas. A wonderful gift of nature, this customary Indian basmati Rice is really fantastic. Basmati Rice Exporter Brand Asbah offer rice which has a sweet taste and a lovely fragrance that is ahead of compare. Every packet of platinum basmati rice is offered with assured quality standards of Asbah Products.