Silver Basmati Rice

Asbah silver basmati promises the authentic taste and
grace your dining table every day.

Silver Basmati Rice is a variety of Basmati Rice that has long grain, sweet-smelling and non-sticky feature after cooking. The unique taste and good aroma has made this long grains highly praised in the domestic and global market. Silver Basmati Rice is usually popular due to its appealing fragrance. A number of the customary Asian foods are cooked using Indian Silver Basmati Rice because of the long grain structure, non-sticky after preparing and alluring aroma.

Asbah brings to you the world's best Basmati rice, which is unparallel, highly admired and delicious with a great taste and fragrance. Every grain has been separately sorted out on a machine to make every meal a special occasion. Bring home the Silver Basmati Rice from Asbah to cook delicious dishes. This wonderful rice is globally preferred because of its smooth quality and sweet-smelling.